Whats the Deal with Sharing Videos?


There are many sites where you can share videos but the top video sharing site is YouTube. With creating appealing videos there are some guidelines that need to be fallowed. If you are creating a video with facts and want it to come across as genuine then you need to be authentic. Another guideline is being entertaining. People like watching funny stuff and it sticks with us when we laugh. Being intimate is another guideline that someone can use in their videos. Viewers like to connect with someone threw a story. Lastly being offbeat and unusual is appealing as well. For example the crazy and sometimes weird Doritos commercials.

When creating online videos you need to take into account that there are different types of sharing. One is called primary sharing where it is just done by one person. The second one is called secondary sharing. Secondary sharing occurs when the creator of the videos friends share it. Lastly is tertiary sharing which is when people share videos on their own.

Here are some websites that can help you with how to set up accounts, how to share videos, and what to expect:

Here is a link to set up a YouTube account:

Here are some websites where you can share videos:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Vimeo
  • Google Videos

Here are somethings to think about if you want to make money by creating and sharing videos:

  • Focus on content first
  • Promote the channel
  • Update frequently
  • Keep up with analytics

I think creating videos is a great way to generate business. There are tons of videos that companies have done that are funny and interesting. I find that the more funny videos tend to create more buzz and there for create more business. Like I have mentioned before Doritos commercials for the super bowl or the Old Spice commercials.


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